Keyboard Festival
The Nordic Historical
   Ohjelma 2019      Program 2019
Kuopio, Finland

May 21-29, 2019

Free admission to all recitals
except 8/5€ to the recital at Kuopio Art Museum
6/4€ to the recital at Old Kuopio Museum

Tuesday May 21 at 2 pm
Chapel of Kuopio Cathedral
Streams Flowing in Tunes
Eija Virtanen, clavichord
Buxtehude, Bachs, Haydn, Anna Bon, Hewitt

Tuesday May 21 at 6 pm
Chapel of Kuopio Cathedral

From the Easel of the Master
Gabriele Toia, clavichord
Sweelinck, Froberger, Toia, Chick Corea, Bartok, Zambrini, improvisations

Wednesday May 22 at 9 am, 10 am (full) & 2 pm
Kulttuurikeskus 44
Feathers of Amadeus -
black light adventure for all ages

Anna Maria McElwain plays Mozart on the clavichord, Manda in the black lights of the wardrobe

Wednesday May 22 at 5.30 pm
Old Kuopio Museum
Two Clavichords in the Salon
Albert Mühlböck, Anna Maria McElwain, Eija Virtanen, Gabriele Toia, Mads Damlund, clavichords
J.S. & J.C. Bach, Händel, Müller

Thursday May 23 at 2 pm

Chapel of Kuopio Cathedral
Big Ideas Start Small
Sonatas by Bach and Mozart
and their "two-voice" beginnings

Albert Mühlböck, clavichord

Thursday May 23 at 6.30 pm
St Peter's
The Copenhagen Connection -
Walking in 18th Century Copenhagen

Mads Damlund, clavichord
Naumann, Kunzen, Mozart, Schulz

Friday May 24 at 2 pm
Alava Church
The Princess and the Shephardess -
Works of Female Composers

Anna Maria McElwain, clavichord
Martinez, Bon, de la Guerre, d'Agnesi,
Duryee, Westenholz

Friday May 24 at 6 pm
Orthodox Congregational Hall
Ad Lucem - Seven Last Words
Jan Weinhold, clavichord
Haydn's Seven Last Words of Christ

Sunday May 26 at 1 pm
Central Lutheran Congregational Hall

Soli Deo Gloria - Steps Towards Sanctity
Tiina Sara-aho, meditative dance
Anna Maria McElwain, clavichord
J.S. Bach Partita E minor

Sunday May 26 at 4 pm
St Joseph's Church
Dancing on Roses -
with Guitar and Clavichord

Janne Malinen, guitar
Päivi Vesalainen, clavichord
Bach, Weiss, Lynch, Aguado


Sunday May 26 at 8 pm

St Joseph's Church

At the Fountain of Feelings -
From the Depths of the Soul

Jan Weinhold,
J.S., C.P.E. & W.F. Bach, Müthel, Beethoven

Monday May 27 at 2 pm
Kuopio Town Hall
Air Russe Varié -
White Nights of St Petersburg

Albert Mühlböck, clavichord and piano
Trutovski, Palschau, Hässler, Glinka, Byström, Sriabin, Rachmaninoff

Monday May 27 at 6 pm
Old Parsonage

The Ballet of Unhatched Chicks

Heli Kantola, clavichord
Sweelinck, Haydn, Pasquini, Mussorgsky

Monday May 27 at 8 pm

St John's Church
Sermon on the Organ - German Baroque
Dóra Pétery, Baroque organ
Bach, Weckmann

Tuesday May 28 at 12 pm
Kuopio Town Hall
Public Lecture
The Life and Death of J.S. Bach
from the Point of View of Medicine
Dr Claus Köppel

Tuesday May 28 at 2 pm
Kuopio Town Hall
Colours of Imagination
Esther Yae Ji Kim, clavichord
J.S. Bach etc.

Tuesday May 28 at 6 pm
Kuopio Art Museum
Galanterie - Stories of Heroism
Mónika Tóth, Baroque violin,
Dóra Pétery, clavichord
A. Zimmermann

Wednesday May 29 at 12 pm
Kuopio Town Hall
Public Lecture: The Clavichord Revival in England, the U.S., and Finland: Exploring the concept of cantabile and legato
in clavichord playing.

Dr. Esther Yae Ji Kim

Wednesday May 29 at 2 pm
Kuopio Town Hall
When the Rowan Blossoms
Anna Maria McElwain
, clavichord & photos
Beethoven, Sibelius, Byrd, Sweelinck,
Couperin, Coral, Duryee

Wednesday May 29 at 6 pm
Chrystal Hall, Rouvasväenyhdistys

Graceful and Ferocious
Albert Mühlböck, Anna Maria McElwain, Esther Yae Ji Kim, Heli Kantola, clavichords
Mozart, Beethoven, W.F.E. Bach

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